Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy weekend ahead!

My baby is turning 5 on Sunday - I can't believe it and have been holding back tears for a week or two now. It's just craziness!

His party is Saturday - his beloved Pap-Pap is flying in with Nina and my mom and grandmother are driving out to join in the festivities. Our theme this year is Toy Story - can you say tough to find?!?! Leave it to my sweet (W) to pick a theme that's years old. I did well - got lots o' stuff for the theme - even edible cupcake toppers!

I haven't been around much - friend issues that have brought me down, but I'm slowly on the mend and rising above!

We found out almost 2 weeks ago that #3 is on his/her way! We're all so, so excited - due in mid-April and the boys want a sister and want her here RIGHT NOW!

I'm hoping to be around more - want to make this blog more interesting - want to add some pictures and fun stuff - it's pretty boring right now.

I do want to add this though:

These girls are AWESOME!! They have the BEST contests, hands down! The TV will come from Best Buy - check them out, too!

I'm off to make food for the weekend and put kidlets to bed. I hear my baby (J) singing the Itsy Bitsy's the sweetest thing ever :)

Later ;)

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