Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fun is our house this weekend!

In a few short hours, my sister T, her husband D and their sweet boys, Trev, almost 6 and G money, a little over 1 1/2 will be here - YAY!! They're driving out from Delaware to spend a few days with us and we're very excited. Our boys get along famously and it will be nice to sit back, enjoy some cocktails and watch our babies play in the back yard together.

We're hitting the zoo, the park AND the biggest boys are heading to the Tigers/White Sox game tomorrow night! My sis and I are taking (J) and G money to the park and we're going to indulge in some pizza :o) It's supposed to be ridiculously hot - I hope I don't melt. My best friend is central air!

Also, to add to our already fabulous weekend, my husband (B) and I are getting baptized on Sunday!!! We're very, VERY, excited about that - our growth in the Lord has gotten so much stronger as of late, thanks to our catechism class and some interesting talks we've had with each other and our small group leaders. It's such a joy to go to church every Sunday. Our boys love Sunday school, too - makes it that much better!

Here's to a FABELHAFT weekend ;o)

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