Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back into the swing o' things!

So, my blog was flagged as possible spam! But, I'm back now and all is well.

We're off on a vacation on Sunday - I can't wait. We'll be spending a day at the beach and acting like true tourists. We'll be hanging out at my moms, where she'll cook and I can watch TV. We'll go visit my in-laws, where I'll rarely see my children because they'll be off running around with my FIL. I'll be able to lie down on the couch and read books in peace. I'm just so, so excited.

I got to visit my friend E in her new house today - it's SO, SO cute! It's perfect for their family and the work they're doing on it is great - definitely brightens up the place and makes it look more modern.

I got rear-ended this morning :o( I have to take my van in on Thursday for an estimate - the little turd driving the other car hit my bumper and the cladding is cracked. Please, let's add a bit more stress to my life :o(

The fam is heading into the D tomorrow to see fireworks and the boys are uber geeked. They'll get to play with their friend Daniel. Thursday, we're headed out to see Barney and Bob the Builder and a PBS Kids Fair. Friday, (B) and I are heading to a concert - Chicago and America!! Ahhhhhhhhh---that's my kind of music. We're spending the night in a hotel and we're heading to the Buick Open on Saturday. (W)'s girlfriend (a teacher from his preschool) is watching them. I LOVE her because they love her, they couldn't care less when (B) and I leave and they have a great time with her and she takes great care of them. She's a dream come true.

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